5 Substance Abuse Counseling Techniques

The causes of addiction are generally genetic and environmental. A person’s genetic can make him more vulnerable and more compulsive to addiction. Also, specific life events, trauma or stress can trigger one’s behavior to start using substances.

You can find below some of the methods that can help in treating addiction:

  1. Detox helps patients to stay physically safe and healthy and can also remove cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy is focusing on reducing difficult behavior that’s associated with substance abuse.
  3. Dialectical behavior therapy is normally used on patients who are having difficulties in handling their emotions or have suicidal thoughts.
  4. EMDR therapy is commonly used on patients who have suffered some sort of trauma. The patients are reprocessing the traumatic events in order to become less painful.
  5. Motivational enhancement therapy is teaching patients how to encourage change instead of how to change.

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