Counseling & Therapy Services

Are you or any of your loved ones suffering from anxiety, depression, panic or sexual concerns? It may be that divorce, addiction, sexual abuse or some life-changing event is causing you to struggle emotionally. Come to Valley View Family Counseling Services, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada for expert counseling and special therapies to help you live a happy life. Our certified psychotherapist is licensed to offer treatment and counseling to residents of the valley and beyond.

Our Services Include:

Addiction Counseling Critical Incident Debriefing Life Coaching
Anger and Stress Management Depression Therapy Marriage Counseling
Anxiety Therapy Divorce Counseling Post-partum Disorder Therapy
 Behavioral Disorders
Family Counseling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Therapy
Bereavement and Grief    Therapy Human Relations Consultation Psychotherapy
Child Counseling Hypnotherapy and Progressive Relaxation Sexual Relationship Therapy and Counseling
Christian Counseling Individual, Couple, and Group Counseling Trauma Counseling
Crisis Intervention

Our counseling and therapy services are dedicated to any individual, couple or family, regardless of the age. Our clients therefore range from younger persons to adults as our family counseling services cover the most various problems, including addiction issues, bad marital relationship, anxiety, post traumatic disoders, etc. We know how hard it is when you can’t communicate with each other, so that’s why are here, to help you overcome all your everyday life issues that may stop you from succeeding.

Parent – Child Relation

Understand and learn how to communicate with each other

Couples Therapy and Counseling

Don’t give up. Resolve your issues together.

Individual Counseling and Therapy

Sometimes we need to understand ourselves before we try to understand others