Individual Counseling

One thing we want you to know is that there is no stigma to working collaboratively with your therapist. You will be assisted in understanding your life developments to enhance your getting on to achieve a better life. You may have issues that you do not want to share with friends or family that we are knowledgeable about and well qualified to work on with you to a positive outcome. Your information is absolutely privileged communication and is not stored in computers nor turned over to anyone.

Counseling services for everybody

Our practice treats all without reservation regardless of age, position in life, gender or situation. At VVFC, we will help you better understand your behaviors so you can successfully deal with all your personal problems that currently are pretty hard to cope with.

Not only you’ll gain self confidence, but we will help you get rid of all the difficulties and issues that makes you feel anxious, discouraged or confused. So, either you’re a young student who finds it difficult to cope with his specific problems or a family member who faces tough moments, we are here for you, providing a warm optimistic environment.

Advantages of considering individual counseling

Individual counseling helps you find your own way, focusing on solving your current issues, either it’s about career issues, job issues or any special issues that stops you from going forward. The advantage of considering an individual counseling is that it allows you to be alone with the counselor and talk about all the things that you want in a free way.

At VVFC, we invite you to unveil all the problems you face in the everyday life, and we’ll help you not only solve and overcome the current difficult moments, but also help you prevent these issues become pathological.