Individual Therapy

There can be many different concerns that an individual can seek counseling to assist them in working through to positive outcomes with their therapist as an ally. Anxiety, depression, low self worth, performance compromises, relationship conflicts, addictions, anger, lack of emotional richness and any number of other symptoms say well be worked on with the therapist who will first take history from which therapy planning can be developed together.

Upon a search and a review of information or perhaps through word of mouth referral a person may call the office to schedule their initial meeting with the therapist to talk together about their present reasons for coming in, tracing back to circumstances and the persons in their life, ie. family members, friends, whatever may have or is contributing to their seeking a happier and more meaningful life is this process moves along the patient becomes at the case ease with their therapist to the point that they are able to deal with not only surface but deeper related matters that have never been resolved.

Therapy permits a person to “heal”, grow and redefine who they are and how they want to live their lives and relationships, etc. Sometimes this effort may be of short duration and at others a longer period when the patient’s growth is needful to avoid stagnation (as is) and to achieve optimal positive mental and emotional development.