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I came to Alan about 2 yrs ago. Through his professionalism and non judgmental therapy sessions we’ve been able to start to address many childhood issues that are surfacing in my later life. In today’s fast paced, get it now demands, I’m learning that therapy takes time and work. We’ve been able to start to peel back the onion of my life and see how and why I feel sometimes the way I do. When I was young, I developed many escape behaviors that then, allowed me to not deal with childhood traumas. Its odd how this issues if not dealt with at the time come to surface later in life. I’ve learned that people can have PTSD without ever seeing combat. Thank you Allen for helping me get my life back and moving in a more positive direction. All I had to do was make the first step. If nothing changes nothing changes.
Mark 🙂

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Alan for many years. His kind, conversational, approach has been of great value to me as I juggle significant illness and a very stressful job. Other members of my family have also visited with him in the past, which they found to be valuable.


Thank you Alan Raddatz for giving us the therapy and tools to mend our failing relationship. I have felt such security and hope in knowing you were involved in all our progress each step of the way. Words can’t express what you mean to both of us. We appreciate you and Carol for always working with our crazy schedule to make sure we have our appointments.

Blythe and Jay

Alan helped us to overcome our obstacles.
My son was nervous about his first appointment but after visiting Alan, he felt that his voice was being heard and his questions were being answered.
Thank you.


Where should I begin? Well, first and foremost Alan Raddatz, you have helped me overcome one of the most difficult things a person can endure. Second, you have assisted me in finding myself and believing in myself. Third, you are readily available, which is not the case with most therapist. I love how you were able to navigate with such a complex situation as mine. I am grateful for you. Thank you for helping me find myself, helping me put my life back together piece by piece. You are truly the best, keep it up and change the world one person at a time, Mr. Awesome Sauce.


I have been coming to therapy for a while and it’s helped me tremendously, I look forward to coming here every week . I express myself more clearly now I use to hide in fear , the best place in town . Love the secretary , Carol .


After doing a great deal of research, I believe this is your best bet in Las Vegas Family Counseling Services. Alan Raddatz has amazing credentials.

Daniel M.

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