Psychotherapy in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Starting end 2019 the whole world was about to encounter one of the most difficult post world war period. Some died of Covid-19, while much of the rest were dealing with mental health issues due to fear, anxiety, isolation, quarantine and so on.

This made psychotherapy become one of the most important services one must consider especially when dealing with one of the above. Some therapists started to counsel people online, while others already opened their offices.

Among the post Covid-19 manifestations, we can mention a range of troubling physical symptoms, including severe fatigue and increased risk of damage to the heart, lungs and brain.

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How To Recognize Panic Disorder

In case you are facing long-term anxiety or you know that you are sensitive to it, you may also deal with panic disorder. In order to recognize panic disorder, we help you better understand it by mentioning some of the panic disorder symptoms and causes:


As mentioned above, all those sensitive to anxiety and neuroticism are also very likely to suffer from panic disorder. Confronting fear too often, suffering from childhood traumatic events or facing any kind of negative emotions may be a good sign of panic disorder. However, for much better verdict, you suggest that you meet a therapist.


To get better understanding on the symptoms of panic disorder, here are some of those you may be dealing with during this type of disorder: palpitations, pounding heart, sweating, chest pain or discomfort, fear of dying, numbness or a tingling sensation, chills or hot flashes.

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How To Tell If therapy Is Right For You

More and more people start considering visiting a therapist simply because they feel the need to share daily issues and find specific solutions to their problems. You don’t need to be mentally ill or suffer from past traumas. Therapy is dedicated to all those persons who want to find simple solutions to their day by day problems.

Either we speak about professional, personal or social life, it’s a good idea to visit – at least from time to time – a therapist, and not necessarily because you may suffer from a particular illness, but because you may feel embarrassed to share your problems to the ones around you.

So, instead of letting your life quality decrease, we suggest that you visit a therapist, you’ll be surprised of how many improvements you can bring into your life. At VVFC, we provide complete life coaching services, including addiction counseling, couple and family therapy, individual therapy as well as post-traumatic stress disorder counseling.

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Psychotherapy & Counseling In COVID Era

Although many states are keeping the businesses closed, psychotherapy meetings can also be very difficult to manage. Not being allowed to have contact with people, this situation can only therapy meetings even more difficult to cope with, also given that plenty of persons are in major need of mental health help or specific interventions.

Regardless of whether people only recently started to suffer from mental health issues – following jobs loss, depression, isolation, lack of social life, etc  – or dealing with chronic ones, meeting a therapist can be achievable under certain rules.

Although we are still passing through COVID era, some therapists keep using the old solution of counseling from distance, namely online or by phone, so in case you are not in need of very serious treatment, but rather less serious problems, you can still meet your therapist through these channels.

Finally, depending on your location, some therapists may have opened their doors, so feel free to contact them directly so you can meet them in person.

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Delirium Symptoms & Causes

Delirium is a condition of severe confusion and rapid changes in brain function. More limited in span than dementia, it contains a bunch of indications that may result from a treatable physical or dysfunctional behavior. Ridiculousness can likewise be a symptom of certain meds.

Delirium symptoms:

  • lack of awareness
  • lack of focus and attention
  • memory problems
  • poor reality perception
  • lack of accurate orientation

Delirium causes:

  • result of a past or recent mental illness
  • drug use
  • overdose of any type
  • infections
  • poisons
  • sever sleep deficits

Depending on how sever the mental problem is, people suffering from delirium can be treated at hospital or at home by specialist who supervises the person in need.

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Friendship Importance

Maintaining a good relationship, friendship or close partnerships with people can improve our mental health. Since humans are social creatures, living with people around us is crucial for our social life.

Having someone whom you can share your thoughts, experiences and the deepest feelings is as important as family. Although we usually experience difficult relationships with the ones around, even within the family horizon, it’s crucial for us to make friends as they can save us from crucial moments.

Of course, sometimes we get disappointed or have the feeling we are not rounded by the right people, but with little effort we can make sure that the ones we are getting close to can become a second family.

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What Are The Nightmare Causes

A bad dream can prompt sentiments of dread, fear, and nervousness; arousing the individual and causing upsetting enthusiastic reaction, including sleep deprivation, different challenges in the rest cycle, or even daytime trouble.

The subjects of bad dreams fluctuate from individual to individual. There are, however, some regular bad dreams that numerous individuals experience. For instance, a ton of grown-ups have bad dreams about not having the option to run quick enough to get away from risk or about tumbling from an incredible tallness.

On the off chance that you’ve experienced an awful mishap, for example, an assault or mishap, you may have repetitive bad dreams about your experience.

Concerning the treatment, friends or people around you to whom you can talk about your nightmares can help a lot. Yes, by simply socializing you are already exposing your nightmares which means you are getting them out of your mind.

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What Is Agoraphobia

For certain individuals, venturing out from home can make them panice. Deciphered from Greek as “fear of crowds,” agoraphobia means to a dread of any spot where departure might be troublesome, including enormous open spaces or zones with swarms, just as different methods for movement.

Individuals with agoraphobia may stay away from circumstances, for example, being separated from everyone else outside of the home, going in a vehicle, transport, or plane, being in a jam-packed region, being in encased spaces, for example, shops and films, or being on an extension or in a lift.

Approximately 1.7 percent of adolescents and adults are diagnosed with agoraphobia, while women are twice as likely as men to experience agoraphobia.

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Creating Calm In Chaos

There are times in our external and internal universes when we experience wild change and vulnerability. These minutes appear to raise in recurrence and power.

Overseeing and reacting tranquilly to testing times — in our connections, work environments, the earth, internationally and even in our own perspective—is a fundamental expertise for regular living.

Here are some the main points to keep in mind when considering creating calm from chaos:

  • limit your social media time
  • limit your judgement; stop judging the others and focus more on your feelings
  • have gratitude
  • create a corner where you can enjoy peace
  • breathe normally

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What Is Teletherapy

Shortly put, teletherapy is the therapy or counseling session you have on the phone or via a any device that allows you to talk to your therapist.

Given the current conditions, more and more people are considering teletherapy rather than visiting the therapist at the office. From couple therapy to individual and trauma or depression problems, all mental health problems can be managed from distance.

Indeed, there are people who really need seeing the therapist, especially those who need more real communication or those who can’t isolate themselves in quite places to join the meeting with therapist.

However, in general, teletherapy can work. And it can be as efficient as if you were face to face with your therapist.

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