What Is The Psychological Impact Of Covid-19 On The Elderly?

Since the old are more exposed to Covid-19, the 65+ persons are very likely to suffer from mental health point of view, as well. Anxiety, fear of getting infected are the most common forms of mental health that most of us may suffer from, nevermind the elderly.

Therefore, the effects of coronavirus can be particularly difficult for older people who may be experiencing cognitive decline or any specific mental health problems at the moment. And since the old may already be socially isolated and experiencing loneliness which can worsen mental health, these days can be more tensed than ever.

However, psychotherapy can also be done from distance today, using online tools that permits anybody to get in touch with a therapist anywhere. Therefore, although people can’t get out at the moment like before, it’s very clear that an online counseling call is the best idea to try to fix the small or even more serious mental health problems.

Mental Health During Covid-19

The difficult times we’ve been through for several months can be stressful for lots of people from multiple view points. Not only people lost their jobs, but some of us felt very stressed during pandemics.

In general, pandemics can be very stressful, but trying to keep our mental health can be crucial during such times, reason why we should consider some mental health counseling in order to learn how to manage tensed moments and not amplify our anxiety.

Fearing not to be infected with Covid-19 or to deal with consequences can be normal, but learning how to not overreact in our daily reactions is also crucial. One of the best ways to stay away from these situations is to consider mental health counseling as there are plenty of therapists whom you can talk even online.

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Treatment For Isolation

Since with the coronavirus, many are dealing with problems that arrive once with social isolation. People tend to keep themselves busy during the social isolation, but very few manage to focus on domestic activities.

One of the most important treatments for social isolation is to keep away from too many news and TV. Trying to enhance your hobby activities can only help you disconnect from different forms of depression.

Even social media can help a bit here as engaging with others can also help you get distracted from social isolation. The lack of social interaction can be harmful indeed, but as long as you learn how to manage your emotions during this period can be crucial for your mental health.

How Can Therapy Help You During Coronavirus

What’s the current impact of Coronavirus on mental health?

Coronavirus has not only generated nearly 50k deaths in the US so far, but has also impacted – and still is – our mental health. Fear, confusion and concern is in most of the people’s mind as uncertainty is what affects us all at the moment.

So, few questions have to be addressed:

How can psychotherapy and counseling help during Coronavirus?

Well, certain types of therapies can be done by phone, Skype, Zoom or any other video chat platform as a psychotherapist can teach you how to deal with your specific fears, learn breathing exercises which are meant to calm you down, bring diversity in your everyday home life.

How can I find a psychotherapist during Coronavirus?

If you can’t find a psychotherapist near you, you may extend your search, since you are going to be counseled from distance. Most of the therapists can provide you with an online counseling session which will help you stay calm throughout the Coronavirus pandemic period.

What Is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling combines your faith with principles of psychology in order to improve your mental health and your relationships. This type of therapy uses biblical teachings in the attempt of  helping you deal with life’s challenges.

Christian counselors believe the bible is the ultimate guide on how people should think and behave. The holy book is the one and only truth. The counselors are adhering to the fundamental values of the bible, but they also need to follow the law and the rules of the APA (American Psychological Association).

Some of the issues that christian counseling can solve are marital problems, parenting challenges, mental health conditions, recovery from grief and loss, healing from substance abuse and addiction or improving one’s relationship with God.

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What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses relaxation, intense attention and extreme concentration in order to achieve a profound state of consciousness. This type of therapy places the individual into a ‘trance’ or altered state of mindfulness.

In general, hypnotherapy is performed in a calm, therapeutic environment. The therapist will help you get into a focused and relaxed state of mind and he will ask you to think about positive experiences and situations. During hypnotherapy, you will not be unconscious or asleep or in any way out of control of yourself.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat phobias, addiction, relationship or family conflicts, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, grief, weight loss, post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Lifestyle Changes To Treat Depression

Lifestyle changes are powerful tools that can help you treat your depression and anxiety. They are a very important component of your integrated approach to treating depression. In some cases, these changes definitely work, but if you are experiencing a more severe type of depression, it is better to seek professional counseling.

Sleep is an essential part of your depression treatment. If you don’t get enough sleep, your depression symptoms can get worse. You can easily get more irritated, sad and moody.

Exercise can be as effective as medication treatment. Exercise boosts your serotonin and endorphins and it also triggers the growth of new brain cells. A half hour a day of exercise can make the difference.

Minimizing stress is essential to your treatment. Too much stress can aggravate your depression, so make sure you make enough changes in your life in order to eliminate as much stress as possible.

Nutrition is also very important. Eating well balanced meals can keep your energy up for most of the days and it’s also essential for your physical and mental health.

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How To Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety is your body’s response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear of what’s about to come, for example going to a job interview, meeting someone for the first time or speaking in public. These are all events that can trigger anxiety and can make people feel nervous.

Fortunately, there are some ways that can help you deal with your anxiety. You can find below some examples:

  1. Question your negative thoughts and ask yourself if they are really true.
  2. Using aromatherapy can be very soothing and help you calm down in stressful situations.
  3. Deep breathing is another technique that seems to be working for most anxious people. The formula is 4 counts in and 4 counts out for five minutes.
  4. Writing down your thoughts can help people who are feeling sporadically anxious.
  5. Keeping yourself healthy by eating regularly, exercising and getting enough sleep.
  6. Doing yoga can also help you relax and focus on your body, instead of your negative thoughts.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Postpartum Depression?

In the first weeks after childbirth, a mother can feel many amazing feelings like joy, bliss, delight and happiness but she may also experience difficult feelings at the same time, such as sadness and sorrow.

These sad feelings are known as ‘baby blues’. The sadness is starting to decrease within a period of two weeks and it’s normally caused by hormonal changes.

Postpartum depression includes a lot of symptoms. You can find a few of them below:

  • Feeling angry and irritated most of the times
  • Having panic attacks or feelings of anxiety
  • Feeling depressed most of the times
  • Losing interest in any type of activities
  • Keeping distance from your friends and family
  • Eating and sleeping disorders
  • Lack of concentration
  • Having trouble bonding with the baby

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5 Substance Abuse Counseling Techniques

The causes of addiction are generally genetic and environmental. A person’s genetic can make him more vulnerable and more compulsive to addiction. Also, specific life events, trauma or stress can trigger one’s behavior to start using substances.

You can find below some of the methods that can help in treating addiction:

  1. Detox helps patients to stay physically safe and healthy and can also remove cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy is focusing on reducing difficult behavior that’s associated with substance abuse.
  3. Dialectical behavior therapy is normally used on patients who are having difficulties in handling their emotions or have suicidal thoughts.
  4. EMDR therapy is commonly used on patients who have suffered some sort of trauma. The patients are reprocessing the traumatic events in order to become less painful.
  5. Motivational enhancement therapy is teaching patients how to encourage change instead of how to change.

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