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How To Deal With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common symptom of anxiety in children and adults. It can be caused by a number of factors, but the most common cause is the separation from a loved one.

The first step to treating separation anxiety is understanding what it is and what causes it. Anxiety manifests itself in different ways for different people. To understand your own symptoms, you should keep track of how you feel when you are separated from your loved ones.

The treatment for separation anxiety at children can include:

  • keep calm and explain that there’s no need to worry when you’re not around for a while;
  • permanently try to make your kid feel secure;
  • don’t try to sneak or lie your children for whatever reason.

For adults, the treatment for separation anxiety can include:

  • try to have a serious conversation about the issue;
  • let your children tell what they have to tell;
  • consider psychotherapy in case common solutions won’t work;

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