Family Therapy

We are deeply caring professionals who have the finest mentoring throughout the years of internship and residency which have been followed by competent private practice responsibilities. Our children are now grown and are leading rich and meaningful lives.

If you are going through a difficult time in your home, we are here to assist you. Valley View Family Counseling Services, Inc. has been in Las Vegas for many years helping families and couples with respect and understanding.

The dynamics of a family can at times be challenging. We are here to help the whole family together or any of the individuals within the family.

Your family may be going through a divorce, tough financial times, troubles in school, or troubles at work. These events are all too prevalent in society. These can be stressful for the family and other relationships. Even though our lives may be difficult at times it does not mean we are beaten.
Our commitment is to help you and or your family members to a positive and happy state that you desire to achieve.

Our Process:

  • Assessment to Develop Comprehensive Understanding of the Concerns
  • Competent Professional Practice in Psychotherapy & Counseling for the Individual, Couple and Family.
  • Caring Focus On Understanding Male And Female Needs, Behaviors, And Communication.
  • Encouragement & Guidance to Create Loving, Thoughtful Relationship Patterns and Meaningful Family Life.
  • Treatment for Grief, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, Eating Disorder, Depression, Physical Compromise, Psychological, Emotional & Physical Complications, Sexual Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse & Dysfunctional Issues.
  • Learn Effective Stress Management For Enhanced Emotional, Physical & Performance Well-Being.
  • I work with you through Cognitive & Analytical and other therapy modalities to achieve changes and re-framing at the casual level as contrasted with symptomatic manipulation only treatment activities.

Advantages of family therapy:
– depending on your family, these services present the advantage of gathering together all your family members;
– learn how to improve the relationship between the members;
– get more open in front of the members with whom you have conflicts or disagreements;

Family therapy will help you overcome all the difficulties you’re currently facing between the family members. Family therapy involves many useful conversations that are meant to open a new relationship horizon. This way, you will be able to earn back what you’ve just lost and also discover new possibilities you may have not considered so far.