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The director of Valley View Family Counseling Services, Inc., Alan Raddatz, MSW BCD is a Board Certified Diplomate (# 013874). He has had an extended intensive clinical training background comprised of a two-year internship followed by a five-year residency with master therapist mentors in analytical, cognitive, behavioral and alternative holistic modalities.Addiction Counselor and Family Counselor near me in Las Vegas. Family counseling services

This training period has been further augmented and specialized through ongoing seminar study and many many years of therapy experience with patients.

We are qualified to work with people of any age on any life circumstance stressor(s) to assist and support personal development in problem resolution in order to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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Credentials and Licenses:

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The Importance of Mental Health

Mental health care is mainstream health care nearly half of all Americans experience mental / emotional difficulties and disorders.

The benefits that therapy may help you to achieve – improved ability to cope with and resolve problems, better physical health and productivity, and higher levels of overall well-being – can be life-changing.

It is important for you to fell that you have come to the right place to receive the help you are looking for. You may wish to ask the therapist about the range of services, possible outcomes, and training the experience. Fees, insurance reimbursement, and treatment length are other important topics. For most people seeking help, the answer is clinical social work. The 130,000 licensed clinical social workers are the majority providers of mental health care in the United States.

Advanced clinical social workers are among the best-educated, best-trained, most-experienced practitioners available. There is discipline with its own body of knowledge and distinctive approach to psychotherapy and counseling. They draw on social works humanitarian values, focusing on enhancing your coping skills in your environment and working with you in light of your special circumstances, including ethnic and cultural factors, workplace issues, and family or other relationships.

Among clinical social workers, about 15,000 hold the national voluntary advanced credential of Board Certified Diplomate (BCD) of the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work (ABE).

Family Counseling

Valley View Family Counseling provides the most competent private practice in the Las Vegas area. For many years, we have been helping families and couples overcome their challenges. Our sessions can be customized for individual consultation or for the whole family. Our commitment is to help your family achieve a positive and happy state that you desire to achieve.