Addiction Counseling. Addiction Therapy.

Alcohol Abuse
Benzodiazepine Abuse
Cocaine Abuse
Drug Dependence & Prescription Drug Abuse
Food Addiction
Narcotic Abuse
Sexual Addiction


We help people manage or often preferably eliminate and establish recovery from addictions. ie., alcohol, compulsive spending, drug, gambling, sexual, etc. Technology and food addictions can destroy one’s health and relationships. It can happen to anyone, from any walk of life, and at any age. Even if you feel like you are not addicted, there may be problems you would benefit from resolving.

Our drug, alcohol and other specific counseling services aim to give you a help hand to achieve your quitting goals. We are therefore here for you, permanently assisting and supporting you on your way towards an improved life. No matter how hard this road seems, you will be able to resolve your addiction issues and learn how to deal with such issues in the future.