All of us have bundled within us simple and complex Storage centers holding mental and emotional memories of every event down to the most finite and/or obscure piece of our “puzzle” of which our lifetime is comprised. We may find ourselves urged to “forget it and move on” and sometimes that may be all we need to deal with a minor matter. At other times though it is most profitable for us to look into and study ourselves deeply in a thorough life context if we are to be able to gain insight, understand ourselves and others at a fundamental causal level from which we are able to quite rework our personal behavioral, mental and emotional operations, get “unstuck” as it were from early less clearly understood self-limiting, even damaging, beliefs about ourselves and others affecting our life expectancies and actions. Continue reading Psychotherapy

Addiction Treatment

There are a variety of components in the treatment of any type of addiction process and may include counseling, addiction treatment therapy, education, group meetings, secular and religious based models such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, Inpatient (full residency, day treatment), Individual and family participation, intervention, and so forth. Continue reading Addiction Treatment

Life Coaching

Coaching, guiding, mentoring may all be considered to be interactive efforts on the part of a client with a trained professional for the purpose of achieving successful responses, solutions, improvements in business operations, interpersonal communications and relationships, balancing career, educational, personal needs, educational performance, etc. Information sharing, collaborative exchanging of life experience, exploring options, creating planfulness, studying options and fine tuning strategies in response to needs, personnel issues, challenges of all sorts, resolving problems, all in relationship to achieving optimal career experience, personal development and success in whatever domain of operations is involved. Continue reading Life Coaching