All of us have bundled within us simple and complex Storage centers holding mental and emotional memories of every event down to the most finite and/or obscure piece of our “puzzle” of which our lifetime is comprised. We may find ourselves urged to “forget it and move on” and sometimes that may be all we need to deal with a minor matter. At other times though it is most profitable for us to look into and study ourselves deeply in a thorough life context if we are to be able to gain insight, understand ourselves and others at a fundamental causal level from which we are able to quite rework our personal behavioral, mental and emotional operations, get “unstuck” as it were from early less clearly understood self-limiting, even damaging, beliefs about ourselves and others affecting our life expectancies and actions.

It may sometimes be “scary” to look within to become capable of challenging ourselves to achieve a healthier, more effective life in all its dimensions. FDR’s famous quote during WWII that “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” is, I think, most apt for anyone seeking to truly elevate their capability to resolve the problems in their life at a fundamental level.

Achieving true health and well-being potential that has been compromised heretofore by problems that just haven’t gone away of their own accord or over time, is the outcome of the patient and therapist collaboration.