What Is The Psychological Impact Of Covid-19 On The Elderly?

Since the old are more exposed to Covid-19, the 65+ persons are very likely to suffer from mental health point of view, as well. Anxiety, fear of getting infected are the most common forms of mental health that most of us may suffer from, nevermind the elderly.

Therefore, the effects of coronavirus can be particularly difficult for older people who may be experiencing cognitive decline or any specific mental health problems at the moment. And since the old may already be socially isolated and experiencing loneliness which can worsen mental health, these days can be more tensed than ever.

However, psychotherapy can also be done from distance today, using online tools that permits anybody to get in touch with a therapist anywhere. Therefore, although people can’t get out at the moment like before, it’s very clear that an online counseling call is the best idea to try to fix the small or even more serious mental health problems.