Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling

Just like in most of couples counseling cases, marriage counseling is most recommended when both of you feel your marriage is on the wrong way or about to implode.

Recurring fights, jealousy, family responsibilities are among the main causes of a unhappy marriage. Long term conflicts can be solved with short term marriage counseling and therapy.

The most important step that you need to take is to admit that both of you need to openly talk to each other in front of a marriage counselor.

Once you take this honest step and decide that both of you are willing to get back to a less tensed marriage, you can only be pleased that from now onwards you will be able not only to avoid bad moments, but to prevent them and overcome the situation with more success.

Below we mention just a few signs that tell you that you need marriage therapy:

  • recurrent fights;
  • you barely talk to each other for some reason;
  • jealousy;
  • you are afraid to open to each other and be more honest;
  • fear of not telling what you think;
  • extra-marital affairs;
  • asking the other to change.

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