How Worrying Affects Your Health

There is no doubt that there is a clear relationship between mind and body. Every time we feel bad and get through intense anxiety moments our body is sending bad signals, as well.

Since our body is therefore completely affected by our mind and the feelings we get trough, we must protect ourselves by getting specific counseling, like psychotherapy and individual therapy, which will further improve our body and overall health.

Some of the effects our mind has on the body and organs include: anxiety, which has big impact on breathing, on cardiovascular system and respiratory system.

To make sure your mental health doesn’t affect you too much and your overall activities, we recommend that you visit a therapist, who will help you prevent and solve specific problems you are not aware you might have.

At VVFC, we provide complete counseling services, including psychotherapy, which can help you discover your fears and learn how to manage and overcome them.

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