How Can Therapy Help You During Coronavirus

What’s the current impact of Coronavirus on mental health?

Coronavirus has not only generated nearly 50k deaths in the US so far, but has also impacted – and still is – our mental health. Fear, confusion and concern is in most of the people’s mind as uncertainty is what affects us all at the moment.

So, few questions have to be addressed:

How can psychotherapy and counseling help during Coronavirus?

Well, certain types of therapies can be done by phone, Skype, Zoom or any other video chat platform as a psychotherapist can teach you how to deal with your specific fears, learn breathing exercises which are meant to calm you down, bring diversity in your everyday home life.

How can I find a psychotherapist during Coronavirus?

If you can’t find a psychotherapist near you, you may extend your search, since you are going to be counseled from distance. Most of the therapists can provide you with an online counseling session which will help you stay calm throughout the Coronavirus pandemic period.